The Lowlight Review, which will launch on June 21st, 2017, aims to present proof that you don’t have to be wealthy to have a rich life.

We aim to offer a range of informative, interesting, and fun features, reviews, and discussions, both in the print magazine and on the blog (which will feature different content – so there’s no risk that, by subscribing to the magazine, you’ll just end up paying for what you can see on the blog for free.)

We’re always eager to hear from writers, and we pay £10 for each piece published in the magazine, and £5 for a guest blog post. Payment is by PayPal.

We’re also happy to hear from independent companies and entrepreneurs who want to advertise with us – advertising rates start from just £10 a month, which includes a print and online listing.

For advertising or features consideration, simply email thelowlightreview@gmail.com


Subscription costs just £10 per year, and is payable by PayPal – thelowlightreview@gmail.com.  We’ll post your copy of the magazine direct to your door!

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Launching on June 21st 2017, The Lowlight Review aims to explore high living on a low income, and prove that you don’t need to be wealthy to have a rich life.

With practical help, advice, support, and tips, in depth essays, financial commentary, news, book and product reviews, and an “Agony Financial Advisor” column, The Lowlight Review offers everything you need to enjoy success with the money you have, and helps you prepare to improve on your current financial situation, whether through a new job, monetising skills or interests, or savvy, affordable investing.

Feature ideas, both regular and one-off, and essay submissions, are always welcome – email thelowlightreview@gmail.com

At the moment, we pay £10 for all pieces accepted, and £10 a month for regular features (as we’re a monthly publication – regular features are available free to access, forever, on our website, while essays and one-off articles appear in the subscriber-only print magazine.)

Subscriptions are just £10 per year, payable by PayPal to thelowlightreview@gmail.com

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