Pitch a Fit

Here at Pitch a Fit, part of The Lowlight Review, we’re providing a free platform for writers looking to break into the magazine and newspaper markets – and those who are already there – to put their pitch out to tender, with the aim of getting the best  rate for their work.

Prior to our official launch, on June 21st, we’ll be letting editors at the leading UK newspapers and magazines, and quality emerging publications who pay their writers, know about who we are and what we do – and we’d quite like to  have some pitches for them to look at! So, email thelowlightreview@gmail.com with details of your pitch (word count, when you can have a finished article ready by, topic, writing experience, including publication history, if relevant, why you’re the  best person to write this particular article, and the minimum fee you’d be looking for.  This is aimed at professional writers – people who NEED to be paid, because they have bills and obligations to meet. Please respect that, and don’t try and undermine the professional ethos by offering your work for free – there are plenty of places you can submit if you just want to build a publication history.  To commissioning editors – the writers here are professionals: please do them the courtesy of treating them as such, and not expecting them to accept less than their minimum price, if you want their work. You wouldn’t go into a supermarket and ask them to give you your week’s groceries for free – don’t do it to those who are producing content.)

Editors, if you see a pitch you like, please feel free to contact directly. Writers, please provide an email address and phone number on which you can be contacted. When your pitch is accepted, let us know so we can change the pitch status – and please do link us to the published result – we’d love to share your good news!


1. Word count: 2,000-5,000; Your brief.   Topic:  A Day In Hebden Bridge, by Bus. ( Keywords:UK Staycations, Holidaying at Home, Daytrips, Yorkshire, Hebden Bridge, Public Transport, Short Breaks, Affordable Adventures, Holiday, Travel, Tourist.) Writer’s Past Experience: MCXV, Blasting News, Affiliate Sites (persuasive content), Trade Sites (web content), Financial Services.  Turnaround: 1-3 days. (24-72hours)  Minimum Fee: £150  Contact this writer: fordmcallister.a@gmail.com (mobile phone number provided by emailed request.)

Pitch listed: 21st May 2017

2. Word Count: 2,000 words.  Topic: The Darkside of the Fae (Keywords: Faeries, Fae, Myths, Folklore, Legends, Sidhe, Gentry, Winter Court, Fantasy, Occult, Supernatural, Otherkin, Magical beings) Writer’s Past Experience: Active on a number of social media occult, paranormal, and otherkin sites. Contributes regularly to a vampire-focused ‘zine.  Turnaround: 3-5 days (72-120hours) Minimum Fee: £40  Contact this writer: morganalex501@gmail.com (mobile phone number by emailed request.)



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