What Price Home?

Here at The Lowlight Review, we’re committed to presenting, discussing, exploring and creating a good lifestyle on a low budget.  That’s why we’re launching Location Lowlight, a dedicated property search for those looking for a property to own, for themselves and their family (sorry, buy-to-let and other investors, we’re not for you!) with a budget of under £100,000.

For that price – no, you’re not going to be able to live in London. But we can find you affordable homes, that you can own outright, and tell you how you can easily get to London from your own little piece of real estate.

We charge a one-off fee of £250, and will provide you with full details of all properties that meet your requirements and budget. Where we find a property that seems perfect, we’ll call you immediately, and email you details at the same time, so you can make a move promptly.  We will also find out as much as we can about the position of the sellers, if they might be amenable to a lower-than-asking-price offer, etc.  If  a property requires renovation, we’ll provide you with contact details for reliable, affordable workmen – and we’ll do the same for removal companies, so you’re ready to move straight in!

And, once you’ve got the keys to your new home, we’ll send you a welcome pack, with a stylish selection of accessories, including something for each room, all for under £50 – we’ll provide prices and places of purchase for each item, so that, if something takes your fancy, you can shop the complete style range.

Want to sign up? Just email thelowlightreview@gmail.com with the subject “Location Lowlight”, telling us a bit about you, a bit about what you want from a property, what you need your residence to provide – include the abstracts, such as “a sense of community” or “a good atmosphere”, as well as concretes such as “three bedrooms, large garden” – and, of course, your top budget, as well as whether you would be okay with a property that needed work doing on it. If you could also let us know whether or not you have access to a car, we can include that awareness in our property search.

What’re our qualifications for this? Well, our Editor lives in a three bedroom terraced house, ten minutes’ walk from a town centre, 15mins walk from a railway station, in a town served by National Express coaches, which he purchased two years ago for £69,500. He also viewed three other properties, all under £100,000, at the time. Oh – and his house is only a 20min walk from a popular, Blue Flag beach, too!